El seguro para tus viajes al extranjero y tus solicitudes de visados (visados Schengen y para todo el mundo)

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Who is this policy for?

Everybody. The Assuvisa policy covers all travellers, worldwide, regardless of nationality.

Is there an age limit?

No, there is no age limit. Visa insurance covers both children and adults.

Which countries are covered?

All countries. Your Assuvisa policy covers you worldwide, except in hostile or war-torn countries (see list in the general conditions on page 9)

Is your insurance cover accepted by Embassies and Consulates?

Yes, of course. Our offer meets all the criteria required by Embassies and Consulates when you request a visa (repatriation assistance, medical expenses of 30 000 euros, etc.). The Assuvisa policy was specifically created for this purpose.

Is it possible to take out a policy for a friend or family member?

Yes, you can take out cover and pay online on behalf of a third party (friend, family). Before taking out cover, we advise you to check that you have all the necessary information about the policyholder(s).

How will I receive my insurance certificate?

Immediately by email. Once the online payment has been made and validated, you instantly receive all your documents to the email address indicated.

Is it possible to change the coverage dates of my policy?

Yes, if your policy has not yet started. If your dates of stay change, do not hesitate to send us your requests by email via our contact form: nous contacter

Is it possible to renew or extend my insurance?

Yes. If your stay is extended or renewed, you simply need to take out a new policy with new coverage dates.

How does the Medical Expense cover work?

The Medical Expenses cover will cover you for expenses resulting from an accident or medical emergency for up to €30,000 (or €80,000 if you choose this option), provided that it is not due to a pre-existing illness or an exclusion listed in the general conditions of the policy.

The coverage reimburses you for the costs you incur after social security or any other additional coverage has been provided, up to the amount indicated in the table of coverage amounts.

If the policyholder is not covered by social security or another complementary insurance, then the reimbursement will apply from the 1st euro within the limit of the amounts specified in the table of coverage amounts.

How does the Repatriation Coverage work?

If you are ill or injured and your state of health requires a transfer, we organise and take care of your repatriation to your home or the hospital nearest to your home that is suitable for your condition. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, repatriation or transport shall be carried out under medical supervision by the most appropriate means: special air ambulance, regular airline, train, sleeping car, ship, ambulance.